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Roll Grooving


Roll Grooving Machine

Roll Grooving Machine

  • Complete with 4 easily detachable legs for quick set-up
  • Includes a ‘V’ head roller Pipe Stand
  • The induction motor gives steady and quiet operation
  • Heavy Duty Solid Construction

Pipe Roller Stand (included with both RG6C and RG12C


Motor240V, 550 W induction240V, 750 W induction
Speed24 prm24rpm
Max. Wall Thickness7 mm7 mm
Capacity1-1/4" - 3" SCH402-1/2" - 6" SCH40
1-1/4" - 6" SCH102-1/2" - 12" SCH10
Weight80 kg Nett / 100 kg Gross

Download Operating Instructions

RG12A Roll Grooving Attachment

Power Drive sold separately

  • Powerful unit with 10 ton hydraulic ram which can be mounted onto GARRICK or other brand Power Drives
  • Sch 10 Pipe capacity: 2” - 12” NB
  • Sch 40 Pipe capacity: 2” - 8” NB

PD Power Drive

  • Power Drive shown with RG916 Roll Groover attachment
  • Single Phase 1500W (2HP) Universal type Electric Motor - 38 rpm
  • Includes sturdy tripod stand & footswitch

Asada Roll Groover 

Model: GR641

Fits directly on to Asada Model B50 Threading Machine

  • Grooves up to 6” (150mm) N.B Sch. 40 pipe
  • Standard unit supplied with roller/shaft set to suit 2” - 6” pipe
  • Optional roller shaft set for 1” - 1.1/2” pipe.

RG916 Roll Groover

Capacity 1-1/4” - 6” NB

Simple manually operated attachment for use on the GARRICK Power Drive (P/N: PD) or with the optional Drive Bar & Adaptor pack (P/N RGAR916) can be used on the ASADA Model Beaver 50 threading machine.


Roll Groover Adapter & Drivebar

Model: RGAR916

To fit onto the ASADA B50 Threading Machine so the RG916

  • Roll Groover (above) can be used.

Roll Groovers are used to make a grooved mechanical joining of two pipes. 

A small groove is made at the end of each pipe with a grooving machine. A rubber gasket is fitted over the two pipe ends and around it a two-part coupling is screwed together with two bolts and nuts. 

It is often called a Victaulic Coupling after the inventor of the system. 

As opposed to threaded joints, it allows for a small amount of misalignment of the pipes or later removal of a section of piping in the middle of a run.